What is our mission?
Coaching for Inner Peace (CFIP) is an educational organization created to offer a systematic way to experience consistent inner peace.  The organization is led by a physician, Seema Khaneja, MD who combines the wisdom of world spiritual traditions with scientific research, to guide people to holistic healing.

Who are we?
As the founder, Seema Khaneja MD has an extensive background in traditional Western medicine as well as complementary/alternative medicine. She was born in India, where she spent her early childhood years and was drawn to a spiritual path from a young age. She studied with spiritual teachers from the Hindu and Buddhist tradition and is also a student of A Course in Miracles. Ever since Dr. Khaneja entered medical school, she was on a quest to understand the connection between mind, body, emotions and healing. Coaching for Inner Peace is a vehicle to share what she learned- based on her professional and personal experience- so others may be relieved of suffering and rediscover a sense of wholeness.

To read more about Dr. Khaneja, click here.

Coaching for Inner Peace is also supported by a team of dedicated volunteers.

Why is inner peace important to healing?
In her own medical studies as well as her experience of healing from chronic pain, Dr. Khaneja discovered each one of us must navigate an inner journey of the mind, emotions and spirit along with the outer journey of doctors, surgeons, hospitals and medications. This inner journey can be quite difficult yet can also offer a fertile opportunity for an authentic experience of inner peace, joy and love. Coaching for Inner Peace was created to support and empower those who are called to walk this path.

How do I know if Coaching for Inner Peace can help me?
Coaching for Inner Peace can help if you are facing some life-altering event that leaves you feeling confused, helpless, scared and unclear. Clients that we have supported often face different situations including:

  • divorce
  • grief/loss
  • career/life path challenge
  • chronic physical and/or emotional health issue
  • relationship/parenting challenge
  • other chronic or acute stress

Often, when things seem to be falling apart, this can be an invitation to find a different way – one based on love, acceptance and inner strength instead of scattered thinking, fear, and avoidance.

What are the five steps used in Coaching for Inner Peace?
Dr. Khaneja discovered these steps in her own journey of healing from chronic pain.  By following these steps in a consistent manner, she first experienced deep inner peace. From this place, she experienced a powerful physical healing as well.

The steps are:

  1. Commitment (willingness to give your attention and let your experience be your teacher)
  2. Clearing (discovering the blocks that stand in the way of inner peace)
  3. Connection (to our inner wisdom and with each other)
  4. Creation (experiencing life and relationships from a space of love instead of fear)
  5. Confirmation (cultivating ongoing practice of mindfulness and honoring your inner wisdom)

What do we do? What tools do we use?
In her own ongoing journey of inner peace, Dr. Khaneja is inspired by many different teachers and resources. Coaching for Inner Peace is a virtual library where you can find a rich and a diverse range of tools that can support your journey. The purpose of these tools is to uplift, inspire and clear the blocks that often stand in the way of an authentic experience of inner peace.

Tools that we use include:

  • Articles/podcasts
  • YouTube videos
  • Interviews with other teachers/students of inner peace
  • Movies, music, and books
  • Guided meditations
  • Latest research in science
  • Monthly free teleconferences
  • Individual coaching

What is Shanti Academy?
‘Shanti’ means peace, rest, calmness, or tranquility in Sanskrit. It also is the name of Dr. Khaneja’s mom :-). Shanti Academy is our online school where we share free courses with anyone who wishes to study the ideas of integrated, holistic healing in more in-depth. You can read more about these offerings here.


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