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Mission statement for Coaching for Inner Peace

Coaching for Inner Peace is a non-profit service and educational organization dedicated to providing simple, fun, practical and easy tools to help you retrain your mind so you can experience inner peace on a consistent basis in your life.

We firmly believe that a change in mind can change everything.

As our world becomes increasingly complex, inner peace is not a luxury but a necessity. Without inner peace, it is very difficult if not impossible for us to lead healthy, productive lives. A change in mind from conflict and stress to one of peace, love and joy can transform not only our life but the lives of all we touch.

Inner peace is not an accidental destination we stumble upon. Rather we all need to learn how to direct our minds so we may feel peace on a consistent basis. Like we need a coach to learn a sport, or any other new activity, Coaching for Inner Peace is a way to support your journey to peace and wholeness.

Our team shares messages of peace, joy and love through multiple channels including lectures, articles, videos, and audios as well as by showcasing movies and music that inspire and uplift. We aim to create a cross-cultural presence drawing from world spiritual traditions, philosophies, music and cinema so people from all backgrounds feel welcome. We also provide practical tools and proven techniques that can be applied to daily life.

In addition, we explore ideas from cutting-edge scientific research in the placebo effect, the stress response, quantum physics and the field of neuroplasticity- all which substantiate the strong connection between inner peace and health and well-being. And we share this information in a way that is easy to understand and fun to apply.

We also love to interview individuals who discovered a way to face challenging life situations with grace and inner peace and invite them to share what they learned so we may benefit from their experience.  We also facilitate one-on-one meetings for our clients with coaches who themselves are practicing inner peace and are passionate about teaching and sharing with others.

So, are you ready to say yes to inner peace and no to conflict?

Are you ready to say yes to love and no to fear?

Are you ready to find an easier way of moving in life instead of struggle, pain and suffering?

Then we welcome you to explore our website where you will find a rich resource of articles, videos, audios and other literature to guide your way!

In India, a guest is seen as a representation of the Divine. We feel honored and blessed each time you visit.

Don’t be a stranger.  Come back often as you feel inspired! You will find fresh content to greet you each time you visit.

We would love to hear from you so please drop us a line with your feedback.

In reverence,


The Coaching for Inner Peace Team






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