Thank you for joining me for this precious journey though anger. Thank you for your presence, commitment, and dedication to looking deeply at the roots of anger. This is no easy task.

Sometimes, it is so supportive to join with others who are also walking along the same path. If you feel inspired to join us tomorrow for a live face-to-face zoom meeting, today is the last day to register. We have an amazing group of wonderful mighty companions that are ready to join with you. We would love to have you join us! Please check the details at the end of the post.

Where do we go with our anger as we near the end of this week?

As I was sitting down to write today’s blog post, I heard these words:

All roads ultimately lead to forgiveness. If you want to experience peace of mind, you need to bring all your grievances to forgiveness. There is no other way to be free. All roads ultimately lead to forgiveness.

Yet, what if we have experienced some trauma or even abuse? How can we ever forgive that? In fact, just the thought of forgiveness might generate more defensiveness and anger in the mind. Yet whenever I hear what I feel are God-thoughts- those inspired ideas, messages, or visions that seem to be dropped into my mind or arise from a deeper source of wisdom than my everyday logical thinking- I have learned to pause and listen.

In order for us to truly understand this message, we need to first understand what forgiveness is.

Here is an excerpt from a chapter on forgiveness from my book, Physician, Heal Thyself: A Doctor’s Journey from Medicine to Miracles (A mindful approach to healing based on teachings of A Course in Miracles):

Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

Imagine if your doctor could offer you a medicine that would give you the following:

  • Steady and consistent peace of mind
  • Happiness that fills you from within, simply bubbles over, and is easily shared with others
  • A quiet mind that cannot be disturbed
  • A sense of deep, abiding rest and comfort
  • Feeling cared for, safe, and protected—always—no matter what
  • A sense of self-worth and beauty that does not depend on anything external
  • An ability to be gentle yet never feel hurt
  • A certainty of purpose in a world that often seems senseless and meaningless.

All you needed to do was take the medicine daily, perhaps even use it several times a day, if necessary. What if you were also assured that this medication caused absolutely no side effects and there were no interactions with other medications you might be using?

What would you do?

Most, if not all of us, would say, yes, of course, we would happily take the medicine! And now, what if I were to tell you that forgiveness is that medicine? Forgiveness, a priceless gift from the beloved presence dwelling within our hearts, is like a soothing balm for healing all our wounds. We need this comforting presence to dry all our tears.

It is time for forgiveness to heal our minds

As we enter the final two days of our week-long journey looking deeply at anger, it is time for the gentle rain of forgiveness to soothe our minds, quench our thirst for healing, and douse the flames and embers of anger.

Yet often we find it hard to forgive our anger towards a person or situation which we feel has truly hurt and even traumatized us. Somehow, we feel that would be the cowardly thing to do. To forgive means we are powerless or helpless. Nothing could be farther from this.

In fact, I agree with the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi:“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

My experience with the medicine of forgiveness

When I review my life and all the people and circumstances that I feel hurt me in any way, I find that the only way for me to heal and allow myself to be at peace is via forgiveness. And this happens because I am willing to be wrong about my interpretation of the situation and allow it to be replaced with a new way to understand the events.

I begin to see at first dimly but then more and more clearly the part I played in those events that seemed to hurt the most. With the presence of the Beloved guiding me, I am able to witness this gently and without any guilt or self-judgment. I see how these events allowed me to clarify what was in my heart about what I truly desired. Finally, I see how my life today reflects my deepest desires being realized and manifested.

Today, with the benefits from all the fruits of mind training, I can even feel gratitude for those very same events because they were the raw substrate that allowed the beautiful garden of the life of Seema to come into being. Those that seemed to hurt me are my mighty teachers and I bow to them for helping me arrive where I am today.

They played their part and I truly believe we all agreed before we came into physical form to play our parts exactly as we had. The play is complete and I can move forward and set them free as well. Some of these characters may continue to be present in my life yet there is no emotional charge between us. Others have seemingly dropped away. However, the mind training continues and if there is a charge, then again, I am quickly reminded that here is another opportunity for healing and forgiveness.

How do we forgive so we may heal?

There are many rich resources on my website that I will share below:

The practice of Ho’oponopono is a beautiful way to practice forgiveness. Here is an excerpt from my book that explains this practice:

Ho’oponopono [pronounced ho-o-pono-pono] is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It means to make right or to correct an error. According to the Hawaiian tradition, painful memories from the past color and cloud our thoughts and this creates errors in our thinking. The practice of Ho’oponopono offers a way for us to literally wash or clean away these memories so we see the world clearly.

You can read about this practice on my website here.

In 2013, I was asked to write an article about the Ho’ oponopono practice for an online magazine based in India. You can read the article here.

If you feel inspired to take a look at my book, you can read a free preview on Amazon with option to buy as well.

Sometimes we just need a little help from the gods and goddesses

In my final part of the 5-part series on anger I wrote sometime back, I shared about how the Hindu Goddess Kali is my mighty companion along my journey through anger- especially if there is something that really needs to be burned away.

To move through anger, or any difficult emotion or situation, we must be like warriors. We need clarity, focus, determination and single-mindedness of purpose. Here is where I invoke the goddess Kali to be my mighty companion- to grant me this ‘warrior’ spirit- to be fearless in looking inward and going beneath to trace the real cause of my upset – as well as to help me release all that no longer serves. Kali embodies transformative anger – the kind of anger that brings about revolutionary change that dissolves outdated societal, personal, and interpersonal structures or relationships. Kali is the goddess of freedom- on all levels.

You can read more here and here. There is also a guided meditation with the Goddess Kali you can explore if that feels guided.

Zoom online group meeting and registration

You can sign up to join for our zoom circle being held on Thursday April 30th at 11am EDT. We will join in healing, sharing our experiences, and gather for meditation/prayer as well. I know it will be a heart-opening and healing session for us all!

To reserve your spot, please send payment for $20 here. Once I receive your payment, I will add you to the list of participants and you will receive the zoom details the night before the online gathering.

If you prefer to pay via check, you can make it payable to Seema Khaneja and mail to PO Box 18373, Rochester, NY 14618. Let me know you plan to do this so I can add your list to the participant list.

If you feel inspired to attend the online gathering but need some financial help, there are some scholarships available so please email me soon so we can secure your spot. Also, if you feel inspired to pay-it-forward, and sponsor someone to attend who might not be able to attend otherwise, please let me know as well.

Thank you for those that have already registered. Thank you to those who also have offered to support another beloved brother or sister to attend. I am so looking forward to ‘seeing’ you all on Thursday!

Pictures of nature from Pixabay courtesty JPlenio.

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