Guided Meditation

This is a wonderful short meditation lasting about 6 minutes that is a great beginner’s tool to step into the place of stillness within us. It has been used by many meditation and sitting practices to help us come into the present moment with a stance of curiosity, gentleness and openness.

The practice of soft belly teaches us that we can trust that wherever we are right now is where we are meant to be and that we are safe.

We are safe to heal and be healed.
We are safe to love and be loved.

Soft belly is a wonderful way to gently dissolve our defenses, shields and armor that separate us from the beauty and perfection of the present moment.



This is a beautiful, short yet powerful prayer that helps us become really clear where our power lies- in acceptance rather than clinging or pushing anything away. It also reaffirms what I have heard teacher Robert Holden often say- “No amount of self-improvement can make up for any lack of self-acceptance.”



This is a longer guided meditation with systematic body relaxation that is a wonderful way to unwind your mind from that ‘wired yet tired’ sensation many of us can feel especially at the end of the day. Many find it a helpful way to fall asleep.  With greater practice you may find that you enter a state between awake and sleep where you are simply observing, seeing yet not in judgment or resistance.

Give it a try and see how this unfolds for you!

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