Recently, my son’s fifth-grade teacher provided the students with their own Back-to-School Survival Kit. I was surprised to see that instead of pencils, multiplication flash cards and spelling guides, the kit contained some unusual items:

  • A rubber band to be reminded of the value of flexibility to meet the surprises of life
  • An eraser because making mistakes is okay and a part of the learning process
  • A tissue to help dry a classmate’s tears and a Band-Aid to heal hurt feelings
  • A toothpick to “pick out” the good in himself and each other
  • A Star sticker to allow his talents shine and to remember that the class sticks together and helps each other
  • A Chocolate kiss to be reminded that we all need treats occasionally
  • A life saver- to remind him to think of his teacher as his lifesaver, ready to support and guide him whenever he needed her help.

I found myself reflecting how many of the contents seemed to embody the principles of A Course in Miracles. The eraser is especially meaningful since often I am aware of self-limiting beliefs in my mind of unworthiness, or guilt or inadequacy and fear. As I study the Course, I know that I can just bring these to my Inner Guide for correction and healing, for actual erasing, without judgment, without hesitation. My Inner Guide is my Life Saver- one who is always there to help, to listen, to guide and comfort with all the tissues and Band-Aids I could ever need! And the rubber band is a great reminder to remain open and flexible so I can listen to this guidance and not let my egoic mind get in the way. The Course is a path of forgiveness- allowing my perceptions to be healed so I can “pick out” the innocence within myself and each other. As I allow forgiveness to heal my mind, I allow my inner light to shine through me and shine into the minds of others and heal them as well. As my false perception of separation falls away, the Truth of my underlying oneness with all human beings become not just a lofty ideal but a real experience. We truly are meant to “stick” together so we can grow and heal in oneness! Finally, the chocolate kiss is the sweetness of an ancient melody whose words I once knew but somehow forgot. The Course helps me to learn this song again, and slowly begin to experience a peace and comfort that transcends all human understanding and worldly logic. I felt this kit was brilliant. A kid-friendly version of wise spiritual principles to live by.
My son meanwhile was happy that the last two reminders were yummy and edible 🙂

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