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Physician Heal Thyself is now available in audiobook on Audible

I am so happy to share that my book, Physician, Heal Thyself : A Doctor’s Journey from Medicine to Miracles is now available on Audible.​ Hooray! ​ I want to also share what inspired, or actually, who inspired me to create my audiobook. Attitudinal Healing and Jerry Jampolsky, MD As a young medical student, I was already seeking a more…


Coronavirus miracles healing group sessions Day#4: We are dreamers of this dream and we want to wake up

What if this Coronavirus experience is a wake-up call for us all to awaken from our individual and collective dreams of separation into a happy dream of forgiveness? What if just like when we sleep and we dream, now we are all having a waking dream of collective panic, pain, and suffering together? I am…